Everything bees do serve humanity and nature. Without them, life on earth would end sooner or later. They pollinate plants and trees and thanks to them we get vegetables and fruit, we obtain life, produce honey, wax, propolis, royal jelly etc. And of course, bee poison is a source of health for mankind. Apitherapy is the use of bee venom to heal many diseases. It is used along with products from the bees and the hiv ; (propolis, pollen, honey etc.) And often together with other therapies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture etc.

 Bee venom very effective against painfoto-apiterapia-2

– Improves the secretion of hormones and substances in the body.

– Helps eliminate excess fluid in the body and uric acid.

– Increases resistance to infectious diseases and allergies.

– Improves mental and physical performance.

– Stops degenerative diseases.

– Promotes the production of endorphin, providing natural wellness.

– It is used in case of warts, scleroderma, glaucoma, psoriasis and lupus.

– Helps us age healthy.

Apitherapy, due to the therapeutic properties of its venom, is used to treat many ailments. The most widespread and popular use is in rheumatism of all kinds: arthritis deformities, osteoarthritis, gout, rheumatic fever and many more. But also:

I use apitherapy along with TCM treatments doing apipuncture on acupuncture points .


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