Chinese doctors have treated infertility usingTraditional Chinese Medicine for hundred of years, as stated in many ancient texts.

An infertility clinic in China is far from being an infertility clinic in the West , but one thing is the same in China and the West: the desperation of wanting a child when nature fails, it is the same feeling here as there, the biological imperative to reproduce has no cultural boundaries.

foto4aThe modern hospitals of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as infertility clinics, offer treatments that are based primarily on acupuncture, herbs, Qi Gong exercises, specific diet, and tips on lifestyle and health. The traditional Chinese approach to female fertility begins by examining the menstrual cycle of a woman and try to regulate it. The range of symptoms that women experience at different times of the month, and changes in basal body temperature ( BBT ) give us vital clues to the status of women kidney yin and yang energy and any Qi stagnation or blood. The pattern of symptoms and the temperature is different for every woman, so that the treatment will be focused and designed to your exact needs for that time of month. Treatments are individualized acupuncture combined with Chinese herbs, the latter being the most important therapeutic tools. The length of treatment is variable depending on the severity of the case, however, with an average of several months. Chinese medicine and acupuncture is becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. as well as in Europe. More and more couples choose this method that has proven its effectiveness and it is also completely natural.


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