Obesity treatment


Acupuncture treatment for obesity

Acupuncture is a natural method that regulates the body’s functions, promoting metabolism and weight loss. By inserting acupuncture needles at specific points of the body and the ear, the body releases endorphins which have a calming and relaxing impact resolving feelings of stress. Also, endorphins affect the digestive – and hormonal systems in a positive way. Therefore, acupuncture can help to balance two fundamental systems for weight loss.

foto6aThe effects of acupuncture during treatment are :

Regulatory effect of hunger and satiety resulting in a gradually and naturally, reduced stomach volume.
Regulatory effect on the metabolism, which can remove fat without losing muscle.
Relaxing effect on the nervous system, making the patient lose weight without symptoms of irritability and moodiness.

Reducing fat in specific areas with Electro lipolysis

There can also be obesity in specific areas of the body. Sometimes, even when severely overweight, fat is not deposited evenly but tends to accumulate in certain areas of the body such as hips, holsters, abdomen, etc.

The Electro – lipolysis works together with a computer that has multiple functions.

An average of 8 to 10 sessions can reduce a specific area of the body (for example buttocks area). It is an ideal method for people who are not obese but have the weight unevenly distributed due to cellulite fat deposits in areas that do not respond to diet and exercise. These body parts can be the internal parts of thighs, knees, cartridge, etc.

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