Since 1988
It is a fact that more and more people choose acupuncture to solve their health problems. Because of the excellent and sometimes almost immediate results, acupuncture is now widely accepted.
The International Acupuncture Center
Where Antonio Amoros practices Acupuncture, is a calm, quite and pleasant space to relax during the treatment.
Chinese medicine
Chinese medicine consists of acupuncture (needle insertion), Moxibustion (application of heat), Tuina (Chinese massage), Auriculotherapy, Phytotherapy (medicinal plants) as well as suction cups. They all are applied according to the pathology of the patient as the main treatment techniques. One of the main characteristics of these treatments, apart from their effectiveness, is that they lack side effects, something that is frequent in conventional medicines.
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This acupuncture center is located in Torrevieja where we use Tradtional Chinese Medicine, MTC. That includes Acupuncture (insertion of needles), Moxibustion (heat application), Tuina (Chinese Massage) Auriculotherapy and Fitotherapy (Chinese Medical Herbs). 

Antonio Amorós has been working with this method since 1989 at his center to treat various health problems.

Cosmetic or facial acupuncture

Pathologies Diseases


What is Acupuncture for?

Acupuncture, Chinese massage (tuina), Chinese phytotherapy, Moxibustion, cupping; all these are techniques that make up Traditional Chinese Medicine. These techniques complement each other to treat diseases or ailments ranging from a simple headache, circulatory, digestive, respiratory, gynecological or infertility problems etc.

The International Acupuncture Center

If you have any questions, please contact Antonio directly